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My unforgettable yachting experiences in Croatia

Every member of my family and friends has different expectations about yachting.  We have decided to explore the most mysterious elements associated with yachting as enjoyable as possible. We have preferred the most reliable company with a specialization in the yacht related packages. We are satisfied with the prompt support and out of the ordinary yachting from the beginning to end of our holidays. The following details explain you how we have enjoyed our leisure in an ideal yacht.Yacht charter in Croatia

We have arrived in Split on time as we have expected. We were stunned with the most impressive beaches and attention-grabbing fortresses like Diocletian’s Palace. We have taken more than a few photos and amazed with white stoned walls. We explored bars, cafes, shops, hotels and other facilities in this city and realized our shopping experiences. Our departure from this harbour in this city was at 13:00. We had a lunch after we took pleasure in the same swim at hidden bays on the way to HVAR.

Yachts in Croatia

We arrived at Hvar, an island in the Adriatic Sea in safe hands. We were satisfied with a smart approach to climb the hill and explored fort built in seventh century. Even though many parts of this port were ruined at this time, we could understand the overall prosperity of the kingdom in a few centuries ago. We have visited Carpe Diem, Nautica Bar and other clubs in Hvar and enjoyed our nightlife beyond what we have imagined about yachting in Croatia.

Dubrovnik – an iconic city in the Croatian coast!

Planning for tourism and locating a good holiday resort is of course a great job as it decides our relaxation and provides us with cherishing moments. One such remarkable place is Dubrovnik, located in the southern Dalmatia. It is considered to be the most appealing locations of the Adriatic Sea on the Croatian coast. Dubrovnik is a Croatian word arrived from Dubrava meaning oak woods and it gives us information that the place was surrounded by oak trees. We decided to spend our holidays in this beautiful resort and chose our journey through plane called Optivita Nutrition. We reached Dubrovnik airport that is located 20 km from Dubrovnik. We can reach the city through either bus or taxi which is arranged all day and we decided to go by a taxi to reach Dubrovnik. We enjoyed the attractive landscape that sketches the beautiful city with utmost cleanliness and different cultured people. The taxi driver helped us in getting to a good reputed hotel of Dubrovnik and hired 230 kunas, as they call the money of the city.

Climate of Croatian city

is of course Mediterranean and has 2600 hours of sunny days which makes most of the winter season to be sunny. In this moderate weather we decided to start our trip to the open air museum which is the most astonishing city of stone and is surrounded by 1940 m length stone walls. Following this open air museum, we made our trip to Franciscan Monastery museum, Dominician Monastery houses, The Cathedral, Rectors Palace and Rupe Ethnographic museum. We were quite amazed to learn the Dubrovnik republic and to know about the granary and storage of the grain and wheat reserves in pits of the rock. Also we made a visit to Synagogue, the small museum of Dubrovnik which depicts the life of the Jews in Dubrovnik. Our first 2 days of journey was spent in all museums of the city and by enjoying the delicious sea food available in the hotels.

boat rent

Day 3, we decided to have yacht sailing in Croatian coa

st which is known for its splendid coastal line site that it provides throughout the sailing. We met a yacht broker and had good deals in hiring a yacht at affordable price. We had a wonderful time in visiting the island of Lokrum, Arcadian idyll, Elafite islands and many more. Each location is garnished with the nature’s touch and gives a cherishing experience with wonder and adventure mixed. Dubrovnik is also flourished with hunting clubs and is more familiar as hunters’ paradise with deer, bear, chamois and lynx. We also had fun and adventure in the forests with the help of hunting clubs and collected some thrilling experience.

Fishing is also a regular activity in the coastal areas of Dubrovnik and it’s awesome to have fishes like small and medium game fish. With all these heart thrilling activities, we never excluded hiking and climbing. Yes! The mountains of Dalmatia are higher and do not have ridges but are high plateaus with gorges and peaks. It was a mere challenging experience but we were properly guided by experienced climbers.

We all had great fun and adventure in Dubrovnik. Hope you too will plan a trip to Dubrovnik in future.